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On the occasion of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, the management of Rakita Exploration Bor organized the promotion of Chinese culture, tradition and language in the primary school in Metovnica.

The aim of this event was, first and foremost, to present Chinese culture to the local population, as well as to nurture close relationships with the local residents. One of the most important reasons for choosing Metovnica as a place for promotion is that the impact of construction of the exploration decline is the greatest in this village, as well as on its residents.

The lead promoter was Mr. Liu Wenhong, the President of Zijin Workers Union in China, who, accompanied by his colleagues and Rakita management, shared the most important information. On the same occasion, students were presented with gifts (backpacks and hats with logos of Zijin and Rakita, as well as mooncakes).

Students and teaching staff of the school in Metovnica were first introduced to the entire Zijin and Rakita team involved in the organization of the event. 

After that, school principal wished everyone a warm welcome, and the speech of Mr. Liu Wenhong followed. He sent regards on behalf of Zijin and Rakita, emphasizing that he is delighted with the cordiality of the Serbian people, and that friendship between the Chinese and Serbian people is already a tradition. Mr. Liu then described in details the way the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated, its symbolism and purpose. The family aspect of celebrating this holiday in China was especially stressed.

During Mr. Liu’s speech, video material featuring elements of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China was shown. 

A special part of this event was dedicated to the distribution of the gifts to students. All representatives of Rakita management, Zijin Workers Union, as well as Rakita team were involved in handing out the gifts.

During the event, a roll up banner with logos of companies Zijin and Rakita was set up in the classroom, and both logos were printed on all of the backpacks and hats given to students. 

Activities to promote Chinese culture, tradition and language at the school in Metovnica are very well received by both students and the teaching staff. It was very interesting for the students to get to know a completely new culture and language that they have not encountered before.

Special words of praise for the idea and organization of the event were given by the school principal, Aleksandar Vlahović, who mentioned that it was a real fortune to present children with such different culture and area, because only in this way those children can grow into people who will have broad perspectives and respect all people and traditions.

The overall conclusion is that the realization of the event has been a complete success, and that success has also been achieved in promoting Chinese culture, tradition and language among the local residents.

The fact is that culture has always been a link between nations, and in the realization of this event this has proven itself. It is the culture that can be a key factor in deepening good relations with the local population.