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About thirty higher grade students from Bor, Zlot, Metovnica, Šarbanovac and Brestovac attended the ecology school titled „Green Oasis of Bor“ in the canyon of Lazar’s Cave and on the mountain Stol, funded by Rakita and the Ministry of the Environment.

This ecology school is an opportunity for younger generations to understand the importance of protecting the environment, as well as to get acquainted with the natural beauties of Bor and its surroundings, after which they can pass knowledge and experience to their friends.

It’s very nice to be here near to Lazar’s Cave. Being in nature with friends is really wonderful and we learned a lot of new things. I find it particularly interesting how many species of plants and animals are found in Lazar’s Canyon. It will also be interesting for me to be a peer educator for my younger friends and to introduce them to everything I learned,” says Teodora Todorović, a 7th grade student of the Elementary School “Petar Radovanović” in Zlot.

In addition to the students becoming peer educators, they will also use their mobile phones to photograph flora and fauna and record video clips of the canyon of Zlotska River and Lazar’s Cave, Dubašnica, Veliki Krš and Stol mountain, and publish on the social network.

„Most interesting for me was that I learned how to write ecology texts for a Facebook profile. Until now, I didn’t know what environmental journalism was, but now I intend to deal with it when I grow up. It would allow me to be a lot in nature and then to tell people what I saw,” says Milica Kračunovic, a 6th grade student of the Elementary School “Stanoje Miljković” in Metovnica.

Rakita geologist, Snežana Kovačević, gave a lecture to the students of the Ecology school about the basics of geology, as well as about the specifics of the Timok Magmatic Complex.

Nataša Ranđelović from the Association of Young Researchers, a project partner organization, emphasizes that in this way students will be promoters of sustainable eco-tourism.

“Although most of the participants are from the villages, it is interesting that many of them met for the first time with many things they learn about at school“, she said.

Vukosav Antonijević, the representative of the Association „Village“, especially thanked to Rakita for the realization of the project, pointing out that the geology engineers from this company will additionally take part in the initiative and introduce the school students with the geodiversity of this area.

The ecological school “Green Oasis of Bor“ is organized by the Association “Village” Zlot, the Association of Young Researchers and the Association “Eko baština” Bor, and the project is partly funded by the City of Bor.