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Rakita Exploration Ltd. Bor, which operates as part of Zijin Mining, a Chinese mining corporation, has donated more than 7.000 dollars to improve health, education, sports and culture in Slatina.

Thanks to these donations, the local health ambulance was equipped on the request of the  Citizens Association „Village“, the local school received new white boards, the Slatina Football Club purchased sports equipment and stadium maintenance equipment, while members of the Cultural artistic association „Branko Olar“ got new traditional costumes.

Since education, health, sports and culture are the main areas of development and preservation of rural area, the President of the Slatina Local Community Council, Boban Milojkovic, emphasized his satisfaction with the donations, as well as with cooperation with Rakita.

This is the result of good cooperation with Rakita for many years and I have to emphasize that this company is always helping us, and we are very grateful for that. I am glad that the Slatina residents will now have health services available at the local ambulance, and, until recently, they had to go to the Health Center in Bor. It’s needless to say what the new white boards will mean to our students in elementary school, and it will be really enjoyable to watch the magic of football when our first team players come out in new gear on a tidy local stadium. I must also mention the pleasure when we see our members of the Cultural artistic society in new traditional costumes at the next folklore festival“, said Boban Milojkovic, President of the Slatina Local Community Counsil. 

Mr. Yang Yuankun, Deputy CSR Manager in Rakita, who solemnly handed over the  donated equipment to representatives of local associations and institutions, said that Rakita is committed to transparent cooperation with the local community, and that harmonious cooperation with local people is the basis of work of this company.

On behalf of the associations and organizations that received the donated equipment, words of gratitude were addressed by the school principal, Ivana Pajkic.

When you improve the conditions for education, health care, development of culture and sports in one rural area, you have extended that village’s life expectancy, because only by raising the quality of life, young people will remain in the village. I believe that the commitment of Rakita, as a socially responsible company, will make Slatina a village where young people will want to stay and expand their families. Thank you for your kind support” said Ivana Pajkic.

Vesna Radosavljević, director of the Bor Health Center, thanked for the donation and said that now the ambulance in Slatina is the most equipped rural health institution, because besides the glucometer, computers and printers, it is equipped with a device for measuring blood fat.

This device is very important to us because it is very easy to determine the level of the blood fat“, Radosavljevic said. 

During the Slatina visit, Mr. Yang Yuaknkun and his hosts visited the equipped elementary school classrooms, as well as a sports field, which was funded by Rakita at the end of last year.