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The Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted the Spatial Plan for the area of special purpose of mineral exploitation at the site of the “Cukaru Peki” mine in Bor, thus creating preconditions for the company “Rakita Exploration d.o.o. Bor “ to continue intensive mining research on this project, as well as to begin construction of mining infrastructure. This Spatial Plan regulates in detail the use and purpose of land, protection of the environment, natural and cultural assets, as well as transport infrastructure.

It is important to emphasize that this Spatial Plan is formulated in cooperation with competent republic, regional and local authorities and organizations, as well as with the local communities and land owners. In addition, Rakita consulted civil society organizations, and organized for the local population public insight into this documents from July 3rd to August 1st, when all interested individuals had the opportunity to make their suggestions and proposals. The fact that this document represent a common position in defining the spatial plan of this area, all in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, is its highest quality. 

The spatial plan includes the land on which the Chukaru Peki mine will be built, namely a pit with entrance exit tunnels and corridors, temporary mining waste dumps, ore processing facilities, warehouses, roads, energy and other infrastructure facilities.

This approval further proves the strategic partnership between Serbian Government and Zijin Mining Group, both of which will join hand in hand to create a better future for not only Bor area, but the whole nation of Serbia.

Management of Rakita Exploration d.o.o. Bor congratulates all employees who contributed with their efforts to prepare and adopt this important strategic document, as this created a precondition for further development of the project.