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Rakita Exploration statement regarding unverified Covid 19 virus media releases

In recent article of a domestic newspaper – there was a news article about 3 employees on the Project of Rakita that they are suspicions for the coronavirus (Covid-19).

After coordination with Serbian health institutions – epidemiologist for city Bor – Dr. Javorka Stankulovic and epidemiologist for the area of Timok in Zajecar – Dr. Svetlana Zivkovic, they confirmed that are no suspicious or confirmed cases in Bor and Zajecar. We additionally contact all contractors and there is not a single case of the disease with similar symptoms.

The local web portal “1st Media” Bor has announced that there is incorrect information about infected Rakita workers from the virus. Miroslav Stojanovic, director of the Public health center in Zajecar, further confirmed that this information was incorrect.

Our legal department is taking official steps to deny this information and we keep the right to start a possible lawsuit.

Rakita continues to pay closer attention to the Covid-19 outbreak and spread in Europe. We have taken necessary measures including wearing masks, and temperature test on the daily basis to protect our employees.