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Rakita Exploration d.o.o.Bor has taken all preventive measures regarding the state of emergency and spread of the Covid 19 virus in Serbia. The company has formed the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention to monitor the situation on a daily basis and to respond if needed.

One of the first measures that was introduced, even before the state of emergency was declared in Serbia, was a decision to organize work at home, wherever possible. For the employees who will continue to perform their work duties in the premises of the company, Rakita provided the adequate protective equipment (mask, gloves and other protective materials).

Rakita Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention identified the premises for isolation, in case of suspecting that someone got infected, and determined procedures for acting in emergency situations. Special attention was given to communication with the local medical services for exchanging valid information.

The daily temperature checks are being performed several times per day to all Rakita employees who are working in the company’s premises. The same applies to the third parties who would enter the company’s premises, when entering is necessary, and every entry is being strictly controled.

All the work travels, including the travels of workers from China, are canceled until further notice. The exchange of information among employees is mainly done electronically through emails, video conferences, telephone and messages, while meetings and direct communication are kept to a minimum.

Rakita gave the instructions to all its subcontracting companies to take the same level of preventive measures in order to maximize the level of protection.

Rakita Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention is reminding all employees, on a daily basis, about necessary hygiene and technical measures, as well as informing them about the binding decisions of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The goal of all these activities is to minimize transmission of the Covid 19 virus among employees and local community. 

In Bor, March 19, 2020                                                      Rakita Exploration d.o.o. Bor