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Rakita Exploration d.o.o. Bor, which operates within the Chinese mining corporation Zijin Mining Group, donated 300,000 RSD to the Teachers’ Association in Bor for the implementation of the project “Electronic services in project-oriented teaching” attended by 120 teachers from schools in Bor, Brestovac, Metovnica, Slatina, Sarbanovac and Krivelj.

It is about online training of educators who will modernize their teaching in this way, and they will improve the use of web tools and game methods in teaching.

I am really glad that the Rakita company enabled us to realize this project. We estimate that this education will greatly benefit the participants, and in addition to the benefits for teachers who will undergo training, acquire new skills, and meet the required number of hours of education annually, students will benefit from this way of education. critical attitude towards teaching, solving logical tasks and developing functional knowledge“, said Radmila Petković, president of the Association of Teachers in Bor.

That this training is really useful is confirmed by the participants.

This training is very useful because I get acquainted in detail with web tools that will provide students with functional knowledge through play and creative work. After 35 years of work as a teacher, I must say that this education enables innovative work with children because we are approaching the computer way of working, and we are slowly separating from traditional teaching“, said Zorica Stojanovski, a teacher at Dusan Radovic Elementary School In Bor.

The implementer of this education program is the Center for the Advancement of Teaching “Abacus” from Belgrade.

According to the fact that each student should be an active participant in the teaching process through which his creativity is encouraged every day, the goal of this seminar is to educate teachers to gain experience in organizing classes that are performed by solving problems, relying on already acquired knowledge students. The seminar deals with teaching that is problem-oriented and research-oriented using web tools in teaching, as well as electronic services in project teaching. Teachers get acquainted with web tools such as mind maps, interactive images, comics, animations, video content, different types of presentations“, points out Goran Stanojević, a representative of the association Abacus from Belgrade.

Representatives of Rakita Exploration point out that such sustainable programs in the field of education are always useful for the local community and that it is very important that the greatest effect of the project will be focused on children.

Education is one of the important areas that Rakita supports through the program of support to the local community. By investing in education, we will create preconditions that will have a great impact on the business of our company. We believe that such sustainable long-term programs are the basis for the development of any society and this also shows our long-term plans in Bor and its surroundings. We are glad that the authorities in the Association of Teachers in Bor have launched an initiative regarding this project and we are really pleased to support the program“, says Gan Yonggang, Deputy General Manager.  

In previous period, Rakita Exploration also supported others projects implemented by the Teachers’ Association in Bor. The training “Electronic services in project-oriented teaching” for 120 educators from Bor, Brestovac, Metovnica, Slatina, Sarbanovac and Krivelj will last for four weeks.


In Bor, June 4, 2020                                                        Rakita Exploration d.o.o. Bor