Position TitleLocationPosting DateExpiration DateStatus
Senior AccountantBor26. Jul 2018.11. August 2018.Closed
Health and Safety CoordinatorBor24. April 2018.17. May 2018.Closed
HR administratorBor23. October 2017.07. November 2017.Closed
Recruitment and training specialistBor23. October 2017.07. November 2017.Closed
Permitting and CSR AssistantBor17. October 2017.31. October 2017.Closed
Contract administratorBor17. October 2017.31. October 2017.Closed
Project Controls Administrative AssistantBor07. September 2017.22. September 2017.Closed
Mining EngineerBor16. August 2017.30. August 2017.Closed
State Land Acquisition CoordinatorBor13. July 2017.28. July 2017.Closed
HSE ManagerBor25. Maj 2017.19. Jun 2017.Closed
Land Administration OfficerBor11. May 2017.21. May 2017.Closed
GIS/database CoordinatorBor10. May 2017.20. May 2017.Closed
Helper (4 employees)Bor09. May 2017.16. May 2017.Closed
Contract AdministratorBor18. April 2017.27. April 2017.Closed
FInancial AnalystBor18. April 2017.27. April 2017.Closed
Administrative AssistantBor28. March 2017.17. April 2017.Closed
Finance AssisstantBor09. February 2017.17. February 2017.Closed
HR AdministratorBor09. February 2017.17. February 2017.Closed
Communication AssistantBor09. February 2017.17. February 2017.Closed