Community Assistance Program - Investment Criteria

Rakita’s Community investment priorities promote the long term well-being of its affected communities and the Company has developed the Community Assistance Program with following investment categories for year 2017:

  • Local hiring through skills training and education
  • Supply chain / procurement
  • Economic diversification
  • Local charitable needs
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Education
  • Community development
  • Youth activity/sport
  • Protection and rehabilitation of the environment
  • Preservation of culture and local traditions

Requests from or for the following applicants types are not eligible for CAP Plan expenditures:

  • Donations to Private or for-profit companies
  • Donations to Government bodies or institutions funded by government
  • Donations to Political campaigns, political parties, or individual political candidates*
  • Donations to Civil unions
  • Donations to or sponsorships for Individuals

*Furthermore, donations cannot be made to charities in the name of government officials, nor made to charities with which government officials are known to be affiliated


The best way to contribute to the community is to invest in the strategic and sustainable projects that can make a positive impact on a broader community and decrease the unemployment rate in the municipality of Bor.

The good example for this concept is the “IT entrepreneurship” project, currently conducted by the NGO “Educational Creative Center” from Bor and supported by Rakita and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of Serbia, which will provide the opportunity for the unemployed people to acquire or improve their knowledge of internet technologies and start and develop a job in IT sector.