Mining Engineer

Position title:   Mining Engineer

  1. Objective:
  • Providing support to the Senior Mining Engineer in the production of performance statistics, monitoring the measurement, changing orders and other elements in dealings with contractors, and undertaking all other necessary activities to achieve the goals of the Mining department.
  1. Primary activities and tasks include the following, other duties may be assigned:
  • Supervises and coordinates the work of contractors, engineers and junior engineers;
  • Indicates potential shortcomings in the performance of mining operations and provides guidance to the team for correction
  • Improves knowledge and adopts techniques for optimizing the production of cave rooms, production, ventilation and drainage
  • Develops operational and procedural structures to ensure standardization and quality of engineering reports
  • Prepares, establishes and maintains procedures in terms of best practices for the various activities of the contractor
  • Coordinates and evaluates optimal development activities related to decline
  • Promotes basic principles and practices in the field of health and safety at work through the organization of appropriate meetings
  • Collaborates and provides support during the process of budgeting, forecasting and controlling costs
  • Implement and promote a variety of initiatives related to the principles of inspection, planning, decision, execution and monitoring;
  • Responsible for the functioning of the Mining department in the absence of his superior;
  • Reports timely and accurately to his superior and is responsible for data accuracy,
  • Adhering to ethical principles of the profession and acting in accordance with company policies and procedures ,
  • Performing other duties within their education at the request of the immediate superior ,
  • He/she is obliged and responsible, within the scope of his/her work, to implement measures for safe and healthy work in accordance with the safety and health at work, other relevant regulations and the Rules on Safety and Health at Work,
  • Observing environmental measures and fire protection within the scope of his/hers duties,
  • Participating in ensuring the functioning of the quality system in accordance with quality standards.
  1. Location :
  • Bor
  1. Reporting Responsibilities:
  • This position reports to Mine Manager and Senior Mining Engineer.
  1. Department:
  • Department of mining and mine infrastructure.
  1. Supervisory Responsibilities:
  • This position has supervisory responsibilities.
  1. Education and/or Experience, Certificates:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering
  • Professional mining engineering certification achieved
  • 3 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience on drill & blast operations / certification is a plus
  • Excellent English level
  • Excellent computer skills in applicable software.
  1. Other Skills and Abilities:
  • Excellent level written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated proactive approaches to problem-solving with strong decision-making capability
  • Analytical skills
  • Proven ability to handle confidential information with discretion, and to be adaptable to various competing demands
  • Excellent planning and organization skills to meet deadlines
  • Ability to learn effectively and actively.

(Some of the following skills and abilities may be acquired through additional training, but the employee must be able to demonstrate the capacity to obtain these requirements before being placed in this position)

NOTE: Interested parties can fill out Job application, which is located bellow this text and send us own CV at or bring a printed resume (CV) in person to Info Center of Rakita company (address: Moše Pijade 46/6, across from the House of culture in BOR). All submitted aplications should be in both English and Serbian.