Mission Statement

Rakita conducts its activities to ensure the safety of the public, our staff and contractors, and the environment. Our main goal is to ensure that our activities are planned and carried out in an environmentally responsible manner, and contribute to positive economic and social impacts on local communities and the Republic of Serbia.

Our environmental policies meet or exceed local laws and regulations and international standards, and minimize environmental impacts, where possible, through mitigation-based risk management strategies.

Wherever possible, Rakita will hire local employees and utilize local contractors in alignment with our Human Resources and Health and Safety Policies. Safety is our top priority, and our policies have been built with this foundation. Our approach to hiring is consistent with Serbian laws and regulations and with international best practices, in addition to fair and reasonable pricing, quality, and timeliness or services.

We understand that the residents in and around the community of Bor are our neighbours today, and will be for the life of the Project. We are committed to engaging openly and transparently with local stakeholders to help facilitate our ability to operate and successfully conduct our business. Rakita intends to enhance local opportunities for employment through training and community development projects.

The positive local and regional impacts expected as a result of our activities will help ensure that Rakita is viewed as a good neighbour now, and for many years to come.