Recruitment and training specialist

Position Title: Recruitment and training specialist

  1. Objective:
  • To assist in ensuring the timely availability of qualified manpower for all positions in the organization through the recruitment and selection of qualified and competent candidates and their proper placement, deployment, redeployment, training and development for optimum effectiveness.
  1. Primary activities and tasks include the following, other duties may be assigned:
  • Ensures the timely filling of vacancies in the organization;
  • Ensures the proper monitoring of the progress of staff and recommend needed support and training where necessary;
  • Collates information on existing vacant positions in the Company in order to ensure that such positions are identified and filled in a timely manner;
  • Collates and documents information on existing competencies and identifying skills/skills gap, drawing up intervention programs to address identified gaps;
  • Provides accurate forecasts about manpower shortages and surpluses, in collaboration with departments;
  • Provides support in order to facilitate the organization’s transfer/redeployment/secondment of resources;
  • Identifies and assess training needs within a company in cooperation  with department managers;
  • Creates overall and individual training plan for the organization;
  • Develops, organizes, conducts and evaluates training programs and creates teaching/learning materials;
  • Direct structured learning experiences, holds meetings and presentations on learning material;
  • Plans, organizes, and implements a range of training activities and evaluates training effectiveness;
  • Helps employees gain new or enhance existing skills.
  • Develops programs that groom lower-level employees for executive positions;
  • Designs apprenticeship programs;
  • Conducts orientation sessions to new employees, updating regularly new employee handbook.
  • Conducts various surveys;
  • Participates in the process of getting work and other permits for foreign employees in front of local governmental authorities;
  • In cooperation with other departments, participates in the process of maintaining adequate database of potential candidates;
  • Reports timely and accurately to his/hers immediate superior and is responsible for data accuracy;
  • Adhering to ethical principles of the profession and acting in accordance with company policies and procedures;
  • Performing other duties within their education at the request of the immediate superior;
  • He/she is obliged and responsible, within the scope of his/her work, to implement measures for safe and healthy work in accordance with the safety and health at work, other relevant regulations and the Rules on Safety and Health at Work;
  • Observing environmental measures and fire protection within the scope of his/her duties;
  • Participating in ensuring the functioning of the quality system in accordance with quality standards.
  1. Location:
  • Bor/Belgrade;
  1. Reporting Responsibilities:
  • This position reports to HR Manager.
  1. Department:
  • Human resources.
  1. Supervisory Responsibilities:
  • This position has no supervisory responsibilities.
  1. Education and/or Experience, Certificates:
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent;
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in recruitment & training areas; 
  • Strong MS Office skills, specifically advanced Excel skills;
  • Fluent in English.
  1. Other Skills and Abilities:
  • Comfortable working with different cultural norms and practices
  • Ability to manage multiple conflicting priorities
  • Strong  problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Excellent organization and professional presentation skills; strong initiative and detail oriented.

(Some of the following skills and abilities may be acquired through additional training, but the employee must be able to demonstrate the capacity to obtain these requirements before being placed in this position)

NOTE: Interested parties can fill out Job application, which is located bellow this text and send us own CV at or bring a printed resume (CV) in person to Info Center of Rakita company (address: Moše Pijade 46/6, across from the House of culture in BOR).