Social responsibility


Cooperation with Local Community

We are a socially responsible company


Cooperation with local communityWe recognize that our activities have economic, social and environmental impacts on local communities. We engage openly and transparently with local stakeholders to facilitate our ability to operate and grow our business. Our strategy calls for collaboration with communities to minimize and mitigate adverse impacts and cultivate opportunities to maximize benefits.

The direct communication with the local citizens is accomplished mostly through our Information Centre.

Rakita Exploration has had cooperation so far with the state institutions, NGO, educational and health institutions and the other relevant stakeholders.

The Information Center registered more than 5000 visits since it opened its door two years ago.


Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment


Environmental protectionRakita Exploration’s environmental policy is based on our objective to be compliant with laws and regulations and to minimize environmental impacts of geological surveys using risk management strategies.

The Health and Safety Department is dedicated to sustainability, preservation of the natural balance, biodiversity, and creation of the good living conditions for the entire flora and fauna. The company encourages raising awareness on environmental protection, and the annual Bor River cleanup exercise reflects Rakita Exploration’s high commitment to sustainability.




Health & Safety

Health & safety policies


Health & safetyRakita Exploration has clearly defined health and safety policies which is consistent with Serbian laws and regulations and with international best practices. The purpose of respecting all of those regulations is to ensure the safety of our workforce.